2 Macro Leaves

I stepped out into the yard with my 30mm macro lens today.  I was less than satisfied with the results.  I either used too wide of an aperture or I need to calibrate my lens because many of the subjects turned out partially blurry.  I will calibrate my lens some time this week and try again.  Still I will post what I took, because I cropped in on the best parts and they are cool to look at IMHO.  Happy Saturday!



11 thoughts on “2 Macro Leaves

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  1. Great macro tries, yes i see one of the shot is softer but other one is pretty good. Shooting macros always a challenge for me too. I feel it’s the issue related to missed focus. Are doing a manual focus?


    1. No, I was using auto focus and I calibrated my lenses tonight (after taking the photos) and saw that my auto focus was way off. Now that I fixed it I will try again, but do you think I maybe should do manual focus instead?


      1. That’s great Sheila.. generally macro shots are taken in manual focus…I have 90% success with manual focus. So my advice is to be on manual focus as much as possible. Macro mode has very shallow depth of field so very easy to miss the intended focus.

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  2. auto verses manual focus….
    depends on the auto focus setting…spot? matrix?
    manual focus…how’s your eye sight? is your view finder diopter set right?
    both be sure to use the best DOF.

    but it sounds like you may have fixed the issue. now go back out and try again. lol


    1. I use single point (the center spot) continuous auto focus. I am far sighted so using the LCD display is useless except as a general guide. I do have my view finder diopter set right for my visual deficit but if I can’t get to it because of a weird or difficult angle I really need to depend on the auto focus to do the work for me. I also realized I was using too wide of an aperture yesterday. f1.8-f/5. Don’t know what I was thinking except that I haven’t done macro photography in so long that I remembered incorrectly and used a wide aperture instead of small. I already tried again today and the results are much more favorable. 🙂


      1. i find continuous focus to not lock on well and use the single auto focus mode. i also have a slide on extended view finder that slips over the eye piece and can rotate if needed so as to look through the view finder. i find “live view” cumbersome and rarely use it as i cant really tell if things are in focus or not.


      2. I checked my settings and I actually have it on “automatic auto focus” so the camera picks the setting, continuous or single depending on if the subject is moving or not I guess. Maybe I’ll switch it to single just to be sure during macro shooting. Does your extended view finder rotate at a 90° angle. That would come in handy I bet.


      3. it does not rotate. 😦 my little J5 has a tilting screen since it does not have a view finder and it does come in handy. i dont often use the ext view finder mostly because i forget about it. lol

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