A Bug’s Life

In the grass or crevices of a large rock, a sneak peek at the macro world. As suspected yesterday, I found out upon calibrating my lenses that my macro lens was not auto focusing properly, causing parts of the images to blur that I didn’t want to blur. I have since fixed it but wanted to post the few that I took before I fixed my lens because parts of the images turned out fairly well.

Strange dead things.

So I am off to try again hoping my autofocus is working better today. I was given the tip to use manual focus for macro photography which I will try. It may prove to be challenging, however, with such a short lens to get that close, especially to subjects on the wet ground. Also my eyesight isn’t the greatest so I admittedly rely pretty heavily on my camera to do the focusing.

Sony A68 / 30mm macro lens

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  1. take a small water proof tarp/pad to lay on the ground. i have found this most helpful as long as i remember taking it. lol so i leave one in the car for those times i dont think to bring one from home. or, what the heck…just get a bit wet and dirty!! it all comes out in the wash. lol


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