Something Different

I post mostly nature images here so this is definitely something different but it is a picture of the gas station near my house. I was pumping gas one night at dusk after going on a picture walk, so I had my camera with me, and the building just looked kind of neat to me in the fading light with it’s neon lights in contrast with the approaching shadows. So I grabbed my camera and fired off 2-3 shots, getting the composition I liked best.

I imagined the clerk inside thought I was casing the joint or something equally as strange. I felt lucky I caught the moment with no cars parked in front of the store because I feel that would have ruined the shot.

I turned to my right after that and saw another picture opportunity as the sky was coloring so beautifully over the uhaul trucks the station rented out, so I took another unusual shot.

I took both of these with my Sony A68 and edited in Capture One.

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