Fall Trees in Missouri

I usually use my 18-250mm Sigma lens to take outdoor pictures because it gives me a lot of wiggle room depending on what I want to shoot – landscape, wildlife, macro.

Out of curiosity, however, I looked back at my landscape type images from the past year or two to see what focal ranges I typically shoot at and they seem to hover around the 35-60mm range.

Therefore, I decided from now on to try out landscapes using my 50mm prime lens and see how I like it.

The pictures in this post were taken with the 50mm lens and I like the way they turned out. This lens is faster than the one I normally used and I think it gets the images sharper (of course this could have something to do with the smaller aperture I used compared to normal, but more about that later), and I like the wide angle look of it, too.

Something else I noticed when looking back at my old landscape photos is that when I shot them in automatic mode on the camera, as I often did, the aperture the camera picked was often too open for landscapes in my opinion (f/4.5 for example.)

I’ve been so engrossed in shooting portraits for my business and learning manual mode and techniques for that speciality for the last three years that I haven’t devoted any time to gathering knowledge for anything else.

So, my next new goal is to learn more of the technical aspects of shooting landscapes in manual mode. Any suggestions and feedback from you all as I go a long are welcome.

These shots were taken at f/11, SS250, ISO was auto, I think at 160. Edited in Capture One.

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