Mid-day Fountain

I took this around noon on a very sunny day which is not when I normally take pictures. I’m more of a sunset-time picture taker.

Sony A68/50mm prime lens/ f11/SS250/ISO100-200 range/edit Capture One

What do you think about these settings for landscapes?

3 thoughts on “Mid-day Fountain

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  1. 😎 Cool Fountain ❗️ I don’t know much about photo settings, I just ½ press ‘auto focus’ then √ click the 2 second delay shutter release then step back from the tri-pod 😉 I am working on the ‘golden hour’ manual settings however it takes time to edit image filters for sunrise sunset before I publish 🙂


    1. Good for you for using a tripod. I haven’t gotten to that point yet. Too lazy I guess, lol. One of my favorite things to shoot is sunsets though. Where do you post your sunset images?

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