Breezy Fields

My laptop is shot so I got a new one this week and I’ve just spent more time than I wanted to trying to get the monitor calibrated to match the prints I get at (the best place IMHO to get prints).

My old computer was spot on but this one was displaying darker and more saturated screen images even with using the same calibration parameters I did on my old monitor.

So I changed the luminance parameters and I think I’ve got it set as best as I can. I’m rather picky when it comes to getting my portraits printed and I want them to look like exactly what I edit them to be. The guy at best buy told me you couldn’t calibrate a laptop screen. I disagree.

Do you calibrate your monitors or screens?

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  1. I attempt to calibrate my monitor but haven’t had much success. If you are using Windows, open Control Panel and search “calibrate.” Then under Display, click “calibrate display color.” Adjustments are usually done using the buttons on the monitor. I’ve done external monitors but haven’t tried the laptop display itself.

    There are also some external things that you can attach to the monitor and adjust more accurately, but those cost money, and I’m cheap… er…. frugal lol.


    1. Yes I invested in one of the external calibrators you set on the monitor because I did professional portrait photography for a couple years and felt it was important to know exactly what the prints would look like for my clients.

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  2. I haven’t calibrated because I like what the monitor shows my photos to be. I haven’t had really any difficulty in printing them and they look pretty much the same as they did on the monitor if not maybe even a little better when they’re printed. Have fun with your new toy.

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